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Social media ads using the largest advertising platform on earth.


Reach 'em where ever they are! (these ads follow you around the internet!)


Social media's second runner up for desktop and mobile advertising.


Use the selection chart below to determine your optimal number of digital ad impressions for ALLPRO INTELLIGENT ADS to serve (impressions are the number of times an ad is shown on the internet). 

Although ALLPRO INTELLIGENT ADS determines who the best candidates are to show ads to (those most likely to take action), taking a look at the "average" number of impressions to each person is a good way to determine your level of impressions.

For example, if your mailing size is 10,000... the likely number of emails associated with that list size is 2,500. The "sweet spot" number of impressions to choose is 30,000 or 50,000. With those levels your audience will receive on average 12 or 20 ad impressions (the orange shading).
Virtual Office & Digital Marketing
9 Step Checklist
Although our world here at ALLPRO has revolved around Digital Marketing for many years, we understand your professional world likely got turned upside down overnight.

Now, more than ever, it's important to be online and have a Digital Marketing strategy.

This checklist is intended to provide an overview, starting from the basics, on Digital Marketing. If you would like further information or help with implementing any of these, we're providing links to each of our services and pricing. We would of course be glad to help you in any way during this difficult time. 

Feel free to take advantage of our $1.99 offer below for a List Reveal of Prospects (97% OFF) in your area to help you get started.


Having and using your professional business email address is a must. Nearly 7 out of 10 people WILL NOT TRUST YOU if you don't have a professional email address compared to someone with a professional email address. 

To be direct, if you are using an @gmail, @aol, @hotmail, etc. --- anything other than a professional business domain, it is going to be hard for you to get new business.


Having a website is your online professional representation. Without one, you're basically non-existent.

Your website address should match your professional email address. Even an "Under-Construction" or "Undergoing Maintenance" sign is better than not having a website presence. 

If you have a website, it is of utmost importance to have an appropriate tracking pixel added to your website. The Tracking pixels we use allow placing follow-up Facebook, Instagram and Google Display advertisements in front of those that have visited your website. (keep reading, more on this below)


An online scheduling calendar alleviates playing phone tag, makes appointment setting easier from email and digital marketing, and provides better show-up rates for in-person and online appointments. 

There are a number of free services available that integrate with Google and Outlook calendar, including and

Calendar links are easily added to email signatures and website pages.

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Your Database
Your book of business can provide additional add-on sales and referrals. This is a great time to connect, care for, and rekindle relationships with your clients.

For Prospecting, start with a Targeted List that includes email addresses. 

A Targeted List is a list provided choosing demographic information specific to your target customer (i.e. income, married or not, geographic area, etc). We pull millions of records with this information each year from the top list providers for seminar and digital marketing.  

Understanding how to generate a top quality Target List may be one of the more complicated and unfamiliar areas for most. To help, for a limited time we can run a LIST-REVEAL REPORT FOR $1.99 (97% OFF!). A List Reveal outlines the exact demographic make-up in local area. A List Reveal is a necessary first step before ever purchasing a Targeted List.

Use Caution When Targeting Through Social Media: 
Although it can be done, unless you are extremely well versed and experienced, please know in advance Facebook and other social platforms have made it EXTREMELY difficult to target the correct audience by targeting demographics through their list of selections. 

In our experience, using a Targeted List is much more cost and time effective. 


To get to the point, if you don't do this you're wasting precious online marketing dollars and time.

It might seem foreign having something relatively unknown be first on the list of Digital Marketing, but if you don't do this step, you are leaving money, opt-ins, appointments and all your other call-to-actions on the table. 

The reality is not every visit by a prospect to your website results in a sale, opt-in or meeting scheduled. It is critical to get your branding back in front of prospects that visit your website and leave without taking action.

An EXTREMELY IMPORTANT key to Digital Marketing is to set a tracking pixel on your site that enables placing follow-up Facebook, Instagram and Google Display ads in front of this warm audience that has already expressed interest by visiting your website.

Statistics show you need to place your offer in front of a prospect a minimum of 7 to 10 times. Setting tracking pixels in advance of your digital marketing efforts allows for much more successful 'drip marketing' and keeping yourself and your offer in front of your prospects.

Our recommendation is that even if Digital Advertising is a week, month or several months away, START TODAY by having a tracking pixel placed on your website and marking visitors immediately. 

We can setup your account and set the pixel for a nominal fee, without you having to commit to advertising.

Get A Google and FB Tracking Pixel Placed On Your Website


Do-it-Yourself email marketing options abound, i.e. Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or mailing to your list one email at a time from your business email address.

Caution: Do NOT send mass emails from your personal email address (send without a bulk emailing service). You will likely be blacklisted and have your email shut down. 

Bulk Email Marketing - there are many considerations and SPAM-Act compliance considerations with mass emailing. If you are emailing on your own, be advised many of the consumer emailing services (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc) have limitations and prohibit the use of purchased lists in their systems.


(Social & Google Display Advertising to your Target Audience)

These are the advertisements that seem to follow you around the internet wherever you go. 

Targeted Advertising is one of the best methods of branding, bringing awareness of your business and leading prospects to your call-to-actions

Targeted ads ares generally the #1 most effective medium of getting people to your website or landing pages.

Through our Targeted Advertising, we present ads in front of anyone who 1) has been "cookied" with a tracking pixel placed on your website, or 2) anyone that we have an email address for. 

Yes, you read that right... we place ads in front of those we have email addresses for. 

Our technology matches the email addresses we have with all the devices they use (phone, laptop, pc, tablets, etc.). This again underscores the importance of having a good Targeted List of prospects!

Get Started With A Short-Term Targeted Advertising Campaign


Lead generation pages are single website pages designed with one topic and one focus - to promote your offer and get your prospect to respond to your call-to-action.

The sky's the limit on what you can offer. 

Our landing pages provide automated email(s) to the consumer and immediate notifications to the page owner. Common options include:

•  Free 1 hour appointments (telephone/in-person/video conferencing)
•  Free .pdf downloads
•  Free Book Offers
•  Webinar Replays (or pre-recorded webinar replay)
•  Live Webinar Registrations

Get Started with a Lead Generation Landing Page


Direct Mail is as effective now as it has ever been - maybe even more!

Throughout the years, Direct Mail has always been extremely consistent on delivering results. With today's environment, a persons daily trip to the mailbox is more important and impactful than it used to be.

Best practices are to provide a combined approach of Direct Mail with Digital Marketing. Marketing works best when 2 to 3 mediums for marketing delivery are used.

Get Started With Direct Mail

Get Started With A Direct Mail & Digital Marketing Campaign Bundle

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  • ​How many of them have email addresses 
  • ​How many have phone numbers that aren't on the do-not-call list.  
  • ​How many of them have email addresses 
  • ​All records will have a physical address 
  • ​Number of children within age brackets 0 - 18 years old
  • ​How many are in each Home Value bracket $150K and above
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